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Which Of The Following Was Part Of The Annexation Agreement Between Texas And The United States

2. Let it still be resolved that the prior approval of Congress be given under the following conditions, and with the following guarantees, to say: First-Said State, subject to this government`s adaptation of all border issues that may occur with other governments; and the Constitution of the latter, with the appropriate evidence of its acceptance by the people of the Republic of Texas, is forwarded to the President of the United States, who will be presented to Congress for his final action on the first day of January, i.e. one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six. Second State, if approved in the Union, after the transfer to the United States, all public buildings, fortifications, barracks, ports and ports, shipyards and naval yards, docks, magazines, weapons, armaments, and any other property and other means related to the public defence of that Republic of Texas, retain all public funds, debts, taxes and taxes of any kind that may belong or be payable; and also retains the application of all free and undated land within their limits to the payment of the debts and debts of the Republic of Texas; and to surrender the remnants of these lands, after the repayment of these debts and debts, as that state can manage; but under no circumstances are debts and debts said to become a burden on the U.S. government. Third new states, of a comfortable size, no more than four in number, in addition to this state of Texas, and with a sufficient population, can be formed below by the approval of that state from the territory that can be authorized by the provisions of the Federal Constitution. And these states, which can be formed from the part of this territory located south of 36 degrees north latitude, commonly known as the Missouri Compromise Line, are admitted into the Union with or without slavery, as the citizens of each state who request the reception wish. And in those states or states formed from that territory north of this line of compromise, slavery or involuntary servitude (except crime) is prohibited.