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What Word Might Describe An Agreement Reached By Two Different Sides

In linguistics, inflection refers to the change in tone or pitch or modulation of the human voice or in grammar to the change of a basic word (lexeme) – its end or beginning or spelling – to change time, gender, mood, person, voice (whether grammatically active or passive, that is, diathesis), number, gender and breakage. The inflection of verbs is called conjugation, and the inflection of nouns/adjectives/pronouns is called declension. acrostic – a puzzle or a cryptic construction or message in which usually the first or last letters of lines of text or possibly other individual letters of each line spell something vertically or, more rarely, diagonally, downwards or upwards. From the French acrostic and Greek akrostikhis and the Greek root words akro, which means end, and stikhos, which means a series or line of verses. A notable and entertaining example of the use of acrosticism in cryptic news is the case of British journalist Stephen Pollard, who is said to have recorded his feelings about Richard Desmond`s takeover of his employer, the Daily Express, in 2001 by spelling out the words acrostically: “F*** you Desmond”, using the first letter of sentences in his last editorial for the newspaper. Improper term – an inaccurate or incorrect term, name or designation, especially if it is established in popular or official usage, although an erroneous term can also be a simple one-time error in the referencing or name of something. There are many different types/causes of language abuse. Some erroneous names first come from correct and accurate terminology, but then become erroneous names, as the meaning of the language later changes over the years. The “ringing” of a phone is an inappropriate term because phones no longer contain bells. When people refer to “pulling the chain” when they refer to flushing a toilet, it is also an abuse of language because toilets usually no longer have chain pulling mechanisms. Indian food “Bombay Duck” is an inappropriate term because it is actually a dried fish. A “contradiction in terms” or an oxymoron can also be an abuse of language. Generic trademarks are inappropriate names.

Misunderstood scientific phenomena create erroneous names at the back, such as the term “shooting star,” which are technically meteors. So, “lightning” is also a misdone term, because it is actually a representation of love at first sight. The “line” of a pencil is an inappropriate term because it is graphite. If we suggest that someone will “catch a cold” by not wearing enough clothes in the winter, it is an abuse of language because a cold is a virus and cannot be “caught” or produced by the cold. Many creatures are called unfit because a species is derived due to similarity in appearance, for example, a “king crab” is not a crab, a “koala bear” is not a bear, and a “prairie dog” is not a dog. Changes in legal terminology can also lead to incorrect labels, for example, it is inappropriate to refer to sparkling wine as “champagne” if it does not come from Champagne in France. The term “football club” is an inappropriate term, which in most cases the “club” is a commercial company. There are thousands of other erroneous names in common usage, and people often don`t know that the terms are technically completely wrong. An improper term should not be confused with a metaphor, which is a deliberately symbolic term for dramatic effect. CamelCase – a style of text layout that has become popular in the computer/internet age and does not use spaces, but relies on capital letters to display the beginnings of words.

The term “camel” alludes to forms of hunchbacked words. epistrophic – repetition of a word or series of words at the end of successive sentences or sentences used for emphasis and dramatic effect, especially in speech and prose, for example, as Abraham Lincoln used in his Gettysburg Address, “. this nation will have a new birth of freedom under God – and this government of the people, by the people, for the people, will not start from the earth. The effect is also called epiphora. .