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Wedding Video Agreement Contract

All work must be done in a professional manner and, if necessary, in accordance with all building rules and other applicable laws. Glitch Films follows all the rules of the church or place. The use of microphones may be prohibited in some churches or places. If your church or location rules prohibit microphones or other devices and you receive another permission, we need them in writing: changes to church or place rules must be communicated to us in writing no later than 1 month before the event and signed by an authorized representative of your church or site. Our microphones are on the groom and, if possible, the official and are very sensitive. The sound of the microphones only enters the camera and is not a reinforcement for your audience. We record the ambient sound of the ceremony with our additional audio recorder. Since our audio devices do not amplify anyone`s voice (it is injected directly into our cameras and not into an external speaker), we advise that your DJ or sound person strengthens the official`s voice with another microphone for the best possible sound for your guests. Our microphones are set at a single frequency and do NOT disturb home microphones or DJ microphones. We are not responsible for the poor audio quality that comes from a microphone that is not connected to Glitch Films. Glitch Films requires us to provide a hot meal/dinner at the front desk. If there is a buffet, we must be included in the guest account for the buffet.

If it`s a dinner, we need a plate for all of us. Glitch Films uses different video lights at dimly lit receptions to get the best quality on the finished film. If this light is insulting in any way, we will turn it off, but the customer will be aware that the resulting shots can be very dark without such light and present extreme use. We ask you, if you decide to let us turn off our lights, that the lighting of the reception house be turned on in order to get the best possible lighting. Glitch Films requires that we have enough time to settle in before each main event. It takes us at least 3 minutes to turn on our audio recording and prepare our cameras before a major event like toast or cakes. We are not responsible for missed registrations due to miscommunication from your wedding coordinator at your event. Please inform your coordinator of this directive. For a high quality recording of your wedding ceremony, at selected times during the ceremony, we will pull from the central corridor – including the procession as well as the rest of the ceremony. By signing below, the customer gives Glitch Films full permission to film from the medium, unless otherwise stated. In the event that the customer does not pay a payment for a period or advance due, Glitch Films may stop work without violation until the disputes are resolved or resolved.