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Tmall Merchant Service Agreement

Store Blocking: refers to blocking a member`s commercial information and merchandise in search results, browsing, marketing and other services; To open a flagship store, products must have the corresponding trademark registrations in Hong Kong (® or ™). If the distributor is the owner of a trademark, he must present the certificate of registration of the trademark for his products. If the distributor is an exclusive authorized distributor, he must also provide the letter of authorization for the sale of the products. Then you need to submit the documents and sign up for additional services necessary for the sale. These include: to open a marketplace, the distributor must have a Class 35 brand or a “service mark” in Hong Kong for the brand. If the distributor is the owner of the service mark, he must also present a trademark registration certificate. If the merchant is not the owner, he must provide the service mark and proof of his exclusive authorization to operate a transaction on the site Tmall.hk using the service mark. You can use a Tmall partner to manage customer service and certain other operations for a fee. Seg transparent consistency between elements of a thing like title, images, price, delivery methods, delivery charges and after-sales service, etc.; When a merchant participates in credit card payment services, but refuses to provide the aforementioned services or refuses to provide the aforementioned services in the agreed manner; Article 17 Traders must actively improve their operating conditions in order to be able to offer consumers quality goods and services. Tmall Global will provide adequate encouragement or support to distributors who offer quality goods and services. restrictive measures against a merchant`s Alipay International account: these are restrictive measures imposed on an Alipay International account linked to the merchant`s Tmall Global account, including the cancellation of collection functions, the cancellation of payment functions, the prohibition of payments on the account balance, the extension of the trading account period, suspension of trade, suspension of Alipay International services, etc. There is an additional deduction of 0.5% (or more at the distributor`s discretion) per transaction, which is incurred for Tmall.com in order to reward consumers in future promotions.

To comply with China`s consumer legislation, overseas merchants should offer chinese-language customer support, offer the ability to process customer returns to China, and arrange overseas shipping directly to Chinese consumers….