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Software License Agreement Key Terms

Although it seems obvious, with all relevant information about the parties in one place, such as their legal names, the details of the negotiating party, and the legal addresses is a time saver when the final agreement is written. No more last-minute phone calls or emails to get information that should have been exchanged at the first meeting. For the territory of license______; for other territory_______ SaaS solution providers are even less likely to provide source code than local licensees. For critical saaS applications, you should consider a backup resource like Iron Mountain`s SaaSProtect or, as mentioned above, a trust agreement for the source code. These sections discuss how the breach by the licensee has been dealt with in the past; if the IP is violated by third parties, how such a violation is handled and whether the infringement is recovered, how it is distributed between the licensees and the licensees. Compensation by the licensee`s licensee for the exercise of IP rights is also covered. The other sections of the checklist are the “Boilerplate” sections of the licence, although all of these conditions have been negotiated. In any event, the confidentiality provisions, the provisions relating to export control, the non-use of each party`s name by the other party, the conditions of non-compliance (or not), the infringements resulting in the termination of the contract and their effects, force majeure, the transfer, the beneficiary country clause, communications, integration, language, amendments , applicable legislation and timetables should be standard elements taken into account by each licensee. Maintain confidence for the specified time. Unrestricted to time______; lifetime ofagreement______ equity: the licensee`s stock (specify) existing _____________________________stock company______; the new company______value of the shares is the market value – at the time of the agreement_______book value______ according to the calendar – the stock has rights______ the full vote; nonvoting______; A license is considered personal to the licensee, especially in the case of an exclusive license.

The licensee chooses the taker for many reasons and refuses others for many reasons. In addition, an exclusive licensee may be interested in taking a license from a particular licensee, not another.