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Mobile Home Purchase Agreement Arizona

As an additional note, if you are a seller, we recommend bringing legal aid as you have a mobile phone sales contract. Step 3 – Purchase price – Enter the total digital sale price of mobile home in dollars. Documents to be sent to DMV: cover letter, title fee review, title declaration, MSO (s), POA at signing, Sale Contract Title fees $7.44 (status: 11.09.09), payable to “AZ DMV” (property fees reserved in case of port change) – Additional penalty of $4.00 (per section/title/mso), payable to “AZ DMV” – Funded security fees by the contract: ” DOC PREP: NO DUPLICATE TITLE FEE FINANCED OR CHARGED Sales tax – if financed, make payable to dealer -Proof Sales Tax has been paid (only if sold out of state) ORIGINAL ONLY – PAID RECEIPT MSO – Copy of whether the first/second classification flooring is to be completed by the dealer, can be filled by POA – Have dealer number If no flooring , original MSO (s) must be in the Legible file Copy of the final invoice Price Spreadsheet List (share/Dept_Share/Titling/Liste Preise arbeitsblatt (AZ) 0712.xls) Title request (1 per section) Form #96-0236 R7/02 – “Title only” box to review -Mobile Home W/ L (by MSO) , VIN (by MSO), Make, Body Style (MH), Jahr (2 last issues, i.e. “00” or “01”, First Registered (MSO), Model Link Amount – is still the “funded amount” by the contract Link Date – Date contract was signed by the owner of the borrower-Info: Owner-pilot license or SSN – required – owner`s name, First, middle, last `DOB` – required `Legal status` – if two candidates, the status always becomes “OR”, the owner must register in the section (may be signed by POA) -Street Address , City, State, ZIP – should match the object locator. The county is not necessary. Broadcast Address – If the actual location is different – 2nd – 3rd Owner Section must be filled, if more than one candidate, in the same way as for the first owner. Vehicle/ Mobile Home Location – can read “as above” UNLESS there is another postal address, then must write / enter the address of real estate locator – Date of vehicle acquisition – date of the house sold – Name of the seller – should correspond to what on MSO or the sales contract, write in their city and state -Must be signed by all owners, can be signed by POA. Procuration for buyers (authenticated) – 2 originals, either left empty or must comply with mSO or invoice, the names must be correctly book warrant for dealers (2 originals – notarized), DOIT MSO (for all listed dealers) Dealer`s Dealer – Purchase Sale Agreement – Copy, must be signed by all buyers and distributor representatives – Must have the current date of sale or penalties for Titling must be paid/financed Payoff Authorization Form, signed by merchants Balance information must be provided if the invoice request indicates the difference – Accommodation address – no po box NadaGuides.com – Use this site to get an estimate of the value of the home manufactured.